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Power Analysis Tutorials

This is the central “tutorial hub” for Newtions4th Power Analyzers, you will find various Power Analysis tutorials covering a number applications and topics.

Tutorial 1 – Power Analyzer Turn on and the importance of frequency measurement, including external shunt configuration (6 minutes, 44 seconds)
This video walks through initial turn on of the power analyzer including a discussion of the importance of frequency measurement and synchronisation during any power analysis measurement. A low power standby measurement is made utilising the N4L HF003 3Arms external current shunt. The video takes you through the setup and configuration of the power analyzer for use with an external current shunt, including changes required in the “coupling menu”. Equipment Used : PPA1500, HF Current Current, Breakout Box
Tutorial 2 – PWM Motor Drive Efficiency analysis with N4L Power Analyzers (7 minutes, 14 seconds)
Tutorial 2 offers an presentation of the configuration and setup procedure for measuring the electrical efficiency of an AC motor drive. This application features a single phase to three phase variable speed drive, the single phase AC input power is measured with the PPA1500 and the three phase output power is measured with the PPA5500. This tutorial also discussed the synchronisation of two power analyzers to our PPALoG software package. If the highest of accuracy is required, two PPA5500’s can be connected in a “master/slave” configuration, offering 0.1% nominal accuracy.

Equipment Used : PPA1500, PPA5500, PPALoG, Breakout Box
Tutorial 2a – PWM Motor Drive Efficiency analysis with N4L Power Analyzers – Extended version (31 minutes, 13 seconds)
Tutorial 2a offers an in depth presentation covering the subject of Inverter Drive efficiency measurements. In this tutorial, the PPA1500 and PPA5500 are synchronised together within our PPALoG software. The utilisation of two separate instruments for a 4 phase measurement benefits from greater processing power and more flexibility than a single 4 phase instrument. This synchronisation approach in software can be scaled up to 4 three phase instruments, a total of 12 phases.

Equipment Used : PPA1500, PPA5500, PPALoG, Breakout Box
Tutorial 3 – Quick Tutorial – Standby Power Measurement with the PPA1500 (7 minutes, 7 seconds)
Tutorial 3 provides guidance for engineers requiring measurement of Standby Power in accordance with EN50564 and IEC62301. Instrument set up is completely covered during this tutorial and some tips are given on what to consider when purchasing a power analyser.

Equipment Used : PPA1500, Breakout Box
Tutorial 4 – Quick Tutorial – AC/DC Converter Efficiency Measurements (8 minutes 48 seconds)
Tutorial 4 guides the user through the setup and configuration of the PPA1500 Power Analyzer when used to measure AC/DC Converter Efficiency. The PPA1500 Power Analyzer is able to provide real time efficiency calculation outputting the calculated value on the display. Coupling and its relevance to DC power measurements is discussed, highlighting the importance of correct frequency synchronisation upon the relevant waveforms.

Equipment Used : PPA1500, Breakout Box