Power Analyzer Accessories

Analogue Input/Output

ADI40 40 Channel Analogue<>Digital I/O Interface

The ADI40 extends the versatility of the N4L Precision Power Analyzers (PPA3500, PPA4500 and PPA5500), collecting a multitude of DC measurements and streaming the data digitally to the Power Analyzer. Featuring 4x direct thermocouple inputs (type J or type k), 16x analogue DC inputs and 20x analogue DC outputs. Analogue outputs can be mapped to any PPA measured parameter, as well as the 16x analogue inputs. More detailed information on the ADI40 can be found here

Parameter Details
Accuracy 0.1% FS
DC Inputs 16
Temperature Outputs 4 (Type J or K)
DC Outputs 20
Voltage Range +/- 10V
Update Rate 10ms
Compatible Power Analyzers Specification Data
PPA3500 ADI40_Brochure

Current Measurement

N4L LEM-6 Interface

N4L LEM-6 Interface serves as a high accuracy, highly stable interfacing unit allowing simple “plug and play” connection of any N4L PPA to the LEM IT and ITN current transducers.

The LEM-6 supplies the LEM transducer with a highly stable isolated supply voltage, each channel is isolated from the next providing excellent cross channel coupling immunity. There are 4x current shunts per channel, ranging from 1Ω ~ 10Ω, this ensures the transducer can be utilized accurately throughout its dynamic range without the introduction of noise into the measurement.

If the LEM-6 is purchased with an N4L power analyzer and LEM transducers, the LEM-6 Interface can be “system calibrated” within N4L’s ISO17025 UKAS laboratory. This provides the engineer with a single uncertainty figure and improved accuracy performance, the LEM-6 is 19in rack mountable and available in 1~6 phase configurations.

Model Details
LEM6-1 1 Channel PPA – > LEM IT/ITN Interface
LEM6-2 2 Channel PPA – > LEM IT/ITN Interface
LEM6-3 3 Channel PPA – > LEM IT/ITN Interface
LEM6-4 4 Channel PPA – > LEM IT/ITN Interface
LEM6-5 5 Channel PPA – > LEM IT/ITN Interface
LEM6-6 6 Channel PPA – > LEM IT/ITN Interface
Compatible Transducers
IT60-S IT1000-S
IT65-S ITN600-S
IT200-S ITN900-S
IT205-S ITN1000-S
IT400-S LF510-S
IT405-S LF1010-S
IT605-S LF2010-S
IT700-S LF510/1010 PSU
Specification Data
LEM-6 Interface PDF Jan 2019
LEM 6 Users manual v1.11 PDF, 724kb

N4L LEM-1 Interface Module

N4L LEM-1 Interface module serves as a high accuracy, highly stable interfacing unit allowing simple “plug and play” connection of any N4L PPA to the LEM IT and ITN current transducers.

Due to the “one interface box, one transducer philosophy” The LEM-1 supplies the LEM transducer with a highly stable isolated supply voltage, providing excellent cross channel coupling immunity.

If one or more of the LEM-1 interface module is purchased with an N4L power analyzer and LEM transducers, the LEM-1 Interface can be “system calibrated” within N4L’s ISO17025 UKAS laboratory. This provides the engineer with a single uncertainty figure and improved accuracy performance.

Model Details
LEM-1 1 Channel PPA – > LEM IT/ITN Interface
Specification Data
LEM-1 Interface PDF April 2019
LEM 1 Users manual V2.0 PDF, 1.014Mb
Compatible Transducers
IT60-S IT1000-S
IT65-S ITN600-S
IT200-S ITN900-S
IT205-S ITN1000-S
IT400-S LF510-S
IT405-S LF1010-S
IT605-S LF2010-S
IT700-S LF510/1010 PSU
IN 1000-S IN 2000-S
BDR01 1Arms Current Shunt

The BDR01 series shunt provides an accurate current sensing solution for current transducers/transformers outputting a current signal, the shunts feature BNC input and Output connectors.

The BDR01 is ideal for use in conjunction with current output transformers or zero flux based current sensing transducers such as the LEM IT and ITN series. The BDR01 extends the low current sensitivity significantly due to the higher shunt impedance, this is essential for current transducers with high “turns ratios”.

While the BDR series was primarily designed for use with the PPA series power analyzers from N4L that provide exceptional wideband accuracy, dynamic range and common mode rejection, they can also be used as a precise current sensing device for other equipment.

Model Nominal Resistance Phase Error Continuous Current Connections
BDR01 1Ω ± 0.1% 0.1º / kHz 1Arms Safety BNC
BDR01 Data Sheet PDF, 66kb

N4L HF Series Current Shunts
HF100 + HF200 + HF500 High Frequency Resistive Current Shunts

N4L Resistive Current Shunts provide the engineer with a wide range of current measurement options. The range spans from the 1Arms rated HF01A to the 500Arms HF500, the HF01A provides accurate current measurement down to 500uA RMS.

Model Current Rating
HF01A 100uA → 1Arms
HF003 200uA → 3Arms
HF006 1mArms → 6Arms
HF020 10mArms → 20Arms
HF100 100mA → 100Arms
HF200 200mA → 200Arms
HF500 500mA → 500Arms
Specification Data
HF Shunts-PPA V2_0

HF100_200 Fixing Bolt Guide
HF500 Fixing Bolt Guide V2
HF500 – Thermal Characteristic

N4L EFS Series Filters
N4L ESF Filters are a range of filters specifically designed for use with the N4L range of HF current shunts.
Available as 5 kHz low pass and 50 kHz low pass for improved signal to noise ratio.
These compact filters are fitted with safety BNC connectors to enable direct connection to the PPA external inputs.
The ESF10m filter has been designed for DC blocking and is designed to be used in pairs with our BATT470m EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy)

Model Roll off Frequency
-3dB@ 5kHz ± 1kHz
-3dB@ 50kHz ± 10kHz
-3dB@ 10mHz ± 2mHz
Specification Data
EFS Filters Iss 1 Doc 000112_0
N4L High Frequency Rogowski Current Transducers
WR5000 Rogowski Current Transducer

N4L High Frequency Rogowski Current Transducers provide current measurement from 1A up to upwards of 30,000A depending upon the model selected. The two standard models in our range provide 1A → 5,000A(WR5000) and 2A → 10,000A(WR10000) dynamic measurement ranges.

Model Current Rating
WR5000 1A → 5,000A
WR10000 2A → 10,000A
Specification Data
WR5000 Rogowski_Issue 2.0
WR10000 Rogowski_Issue 2.0

Other models available upon request

LEM High Accuracy Zero Flux Current Transducers

N4L are pleased to offer the LEM range of Zero flux current measurement transducers, these current sensors based upon the Zero Flux measurement technique provide high accuracy current measurement up to 1,000Apk

Model Current Rating
IT60-S → 60Adc / pk 42Arms
IT65-S → 85Apk 60Arms/dc
IT200-S → 200Adc / pk 141Arms
IT205-S → 283Apk 200Arms/dc
IT400-S → 400Adc / pk 282Arms
IT405-S → 566Apk 400Arms/dc
IT700-S → 700Adc / pk 495Arms
IT1000-S → 1000Adc / pk 707Arms
IT605-S → 849Apk 600Arms/dc
ITN600-S → 600Adc / pk 424Arms
ITN900-S → 900Adc / pk 636Arms
ITN1000-S → 1000Adc / pk 707Arms
IN1000-S → 1500Apk 1000Arms/dc
IN2000-S → 3000Apk 2000Arms/dc
LF510-S → 500Arms 0.6% AC+DC
LF1010-S → 1000Arms 0.4% AC+DC
LF2010-S → 2000Arms 0.3% AC+DC
LF510/1010 PSU Compatible Power Supply
LEM-6 1-6 Channel LEM CT Interface System
Specification Data
LEM – IT60-S
LEM – IT 65-S
LEM – IT 200-S
LEM – IT 205-S
LEM – IT 400-S
LEM – IT 405-S
LEM – IT 700-S
LEM -IT1000-S
LEM – IT 605-S
LEM – ITN 600-S
LEM – ITN 900-S
LEM – ITN 1000-S
LEM – IN 1000-S
LEM – IN2000-S
LEM – LF510-S
LEM – LF1010-S
LEM – LF 2010-S
LEM-6 Interface PDF Jan 2019

These devices operate as current output transducers, voltage output transducers are available upon request

AC+DC Current Clamps
AC+DC Current Clamp for Power Analysis

Our AC+DC Current Clamp range provide current measurement up to 5,000A (P50-3C) with an upper bandwidth of 5kHz (SC3C), these current clamps offer a convenient method of measurement for applications where the DC component of a signal is of particular interest. For example, these clamps are ideally suited to measurement of the DC bus in an inverter drive.

Model Current Rating
SC-2C-100 1 → 100A
SC-3C-1000 1 → 1,000A
P20-3C-2000 40 → 1,000/2,000A
P40-3C-4000 40 → 2,000/4,000A
P50-3C-5000 50 → 2,000/5,000A
Specification Data
SC 2C 100A – 1V
SC 3C 1000A – 1V
P20 3C 2000A – 2V
P40 3C 4000A – 2V
P50 3C 5000A – 2V

Other models available upon request

AC Current Clamps
AC Current Clamp 1000Arms 15kHz Bandwidth

Our AC Current Clamp range provide current measurement up to 3,000A (P32-UE) with an upper bandwidth of 15kHz (SMUB), these current clamps offer an accurate measurement of an AC signal over a wide bandwidth. Typical applications include PWM Invert Driver output power measurement, transformer loss testing and a range of other AC applications. The wideband response of these current clamps is very flat well beyond the stated frequency range, these AC current clamps offer an ideal solution where cost and convenience must be accompanied with sufficient accuracy.

Model Current Rating
M3-UB-50 100mA → 50A
M3-U-100 1 → 100A
S-UE-200 1 → 200A
S-UE-250 1 → 250/500/1000A
US-UE-1000 1 → 1,000A
SM-UE-1000 0.5 → 1,000A
SM-UB-1000 0.5 → 1,000A
P32-UE-1000 5 → 1,000A
P32-UE-3000 5 → 3,000A
Specification Data
M3 UB 50 – 1V
M3 U 100 – 1V
S UE 200 – 1V
S UE 250 500 1000 – 1V
US UE 1000 – 1V
SM UE 1000 – 1V
SM UB 1000 – 1V
P32 UE 1000 – 1V
P32 UE 3000 – 1V

Other models available upon request

Voltage Measurement

3 Phase Voltage Interface

The 3 Phase Voltage Interface is designed for use with PPA series power analyzers in applications where high speed switching events may be outside the instrument frequency range.

By suppressing frequency components outside the measurement band, this accessory provides a simple solution to instability that can be caused by high dV/dt voltage switching components..

Fitted with touchproof 4mm connectors, the interface provides a convenient way to terminate voltage lines from a device under test then connect to a PPA analyzer in either 3 Phase 2 Wattmeter (Delta) or 2 Phase 3 Wattmeter (Star) configuration, with internal filters to limit unwanted high frequency components.

Parameter Specific
Voltage Rating 1000V CAT II
Source Connections 3 Phase 3 wire or 4 wire
PPA connections 3 Phase 2 wattmeter or 3 Phase 3 wattmeter
Frequency response -3dB @ 1.7MHz
Connectors 4mm touchproof safety
Box type ABS Plastic
Dimensions (mm) 110W, 85H, 38D
3 Ph Voltage Interface Data Sheet PDF, 209kb
TT-HV-250 High Voltage Probe (2.5kVpk)
TT-HV-250 Power Analyzer Probe

Although N4Lpower analyzers feature 3000Vpk (PPA4500 and PPA5500) and 2500Vpk (PPA500 and PPA1500) voltage inputs, a particularly useful feature of all N4L power analyzers is the 3Vpk BNC inputs situated on both the voltage and current channels. This results in the ability to measure 6 x high voltage signals (with attenuators on external inputs) on a 3 Phase instrument, in this case the three current channel “External Inputs” could be used to measure a voltage via an input attenuator such as the TT-HV250.

Voltage Rating Attenuation Bandwidth
2.5kVpk 100:1 300MHz
Specification Data
N4L 2.5KV High Voltage Probe x100

Other models available upon request

TT-HVP-15HF High Voltage Probe (15kVpk, 10kVrms)
TT HVP 15HF Power Analyzer Probe 15kV

The TTV-HVP-15HF High Voltage Probes allows any of our power analysers to be connected to signals up to 15kV, this is particularly useful for voltage measurement of power line applications, the high voltage probes is connected to the power analyzer via the Vext BNC connection on the instrument, the probe is then enabled in the RANGE menu of the power analyser.

Voltage Rating Attenuation Bandwidth
15kVpk, 10kVrms 1000:1 50MHz
Specification Data
N4L 15KV High Voltage Probe x1000

Other models available upon request

ULCP Ultra Low Capacitance Probe (1kVrms)
ULCP ULtra Low Capacitance Probe

The ULCP ultra low capacitance probe is intended for voltage measurement of devices which are particularly sensitive to capacitive loading. This is particularly useful when measuring start up characteristics of low power lighting ballasts, the ULCP Ultra Low Capacitance Probe utilises a differential input design that provides a capacitance to ground of 1pF.

Voltage Rating Attenuation Bandwidth
3kVpk, 1kVrms 1000:1 2MHz
Specification Data

Other models available upon request

HVDP High Voltage Probe (8kVpk / 5.6kVrms)

The HVDP high voltage differential probe is a reliable and accurate voltage sensing device designed to maintain a precise attenuation value over a wide frequency range. The active circuitry provides a low impedance output which does not need to be trimmed to adjust to the characteristics of the measurement input.

Supplied with 12V 15W International power supply

1m Unterminated HV input leads

2m BNC-BNC cable

Voltage Rating Attenuation Bandwidth
8kVpk, 5.6kVrms 3000:1 100kHz
Specification Data
HVDP-8K probe User Guide V_6.0

Spare N4L PPA Voltage Connection Lead Set (Supplied as standard with every instrument)
Voltage and Current Connection Lead set for Power Analyzers

All N4L Power Analyzers are supplied with the necessary voltage and current connection leads in order to make measurements “out of the box”. It may be the case that the supplied lead set has been damaged/gone missing, in these situations it is possible to order a replacement lead set.

Model Length Current Rating (If used for current measurement)
LS-20 1.5m 20A
LS-36 1.5m 36A

Other lead lengths available upon request

Test Device Interfaces

Single Phase Universal 10Arms Breakout Box
Single Phase Voltage and Current Breakout Box

The 10Arms Single Phase Universal breakout box is a convenient solution to single phase power measurement of domestic appliances. The breakout box features a universal CE compliant shuttered outlet for connection of a range of sockets. The 4mm safety connectors offer seamless connection to any of the N4L power analyzer range.

Current Rating Voltage Rating Breakout Connectors Specification Data
10Arms 265Vrms 4mm Safety Break out Box

19in Rack Mount Kits

PPA5/15xx Rack Mount Kit
power analyzer 19 inch rack mount kit

At only 2U high, the PPA500 and PPA1500 power analyzers offer exceptional accuracy at this form factor. The PPA500/PPA1500 rack mount kit provides the ability to perform 6 phase 0.1% accurate power measurement whilst only occupying a height of 2U in any rack. This level of accuracy is not available from any other manufacturer at this form factor*.

Height Compliance
2U EIA Standard
Specification Data
PPA 15xx Rack Mounting Kit

*according to N4L market research July 2014

PPA35/45/55xx Rack Mount Kit
Power Analyzer 19in Rack Mounting Brackets The PPA3500/4500/5500 rack mount kit consists of two 19in rack mounting brackets providing simple integration into any EIA standard 19in rack system. The brackets are fitted to the Power Analyzer by removing the two handle fixtures situated on each side of the power analyser. (PPA45/55xx depicted in image)

Model Height Compliance
PPA45/55xx 4U EIA Standard
PPA35xx 2U EIA Standard


ATT Series Attenuators
N4L ATT20 20:1 Attenuator

The ATT10, ATT20 and ATT1000 are BNC to BNC voltage attenuators designed for the PPA Vext and Aext inputs. They provide high accuracy wide bandwidth gain, typical applications are in situations when the output of a voltage attenuator (such as the TT-HV250) is above the 3Vpk range of the voltage channel external input.

Model Attenuation Bandwidth Max Input Voltage
ATT10 10:1 DC-2MHz 30Vpk
ATT20 20:1 DC-2MHz 60Vpk
ATT1000 1000:1 DC-10kHz 1000Vrms
Specification Data
Torque and Speed Input Isolation

The PPA4500/5500 feature torque and speed inputs fitted as standard, both inputs are ground referenced and in certain circumstances where grounding is an issue an isolated torque and speed input is required.

Max Input Attenuation Bandwidth
10V 1:1 50kHz(3dB)

Extension Port Accessories

PCIS Phase Controlled Inrush Switch
PCIS Phase Controlled Inrush Switch

The Phase Controlled Inrush Switch provides the engineer with the ability to “program” the phase angle of the input power waveform at which power is applied to any DUT. The PCIS allows the user to pre program 0º, 45º, 90º, 135º, 180º, 225º, 270º and 315º. This function is particularly useful when testing the inrush current of a device which is either inductive or capacitive, allowing “worst case” phase angles to be applied to the device under test.

Max Voltage Max Current V/I Connection
240Vrms 10Arms(300Apk) 4mm safety
Specification Data

Communication Accessories


The GPIB515 Accessory makes a GPIB link available to the PPA500 and PPA1500 Instrument range, this is achieved through a serial link to the PPA that handles all necessary status lines and registers for IEEE488 Communication.

Material Dimensions (mm)
ABS Plastic – Black 134.87 x 85.09 x 38.10
Specification Data
GPIB Specification


The CAN-port unit is designed as an interface between a CAN network and a Newtons4th PPA series Power Analyzer. The unit receives commands from the CAN network or via serial (RS232) and then processes these commands and controls and instructs the PPA; responses from the PPA are reformatted and split into multiple messages and placed onto the CAN network.

Material Dimensions (mm)
ABS Plastic – Grey 130 x 82 x 44
Specification Data
PPA CAN RS232 Comms Manual V2.0

Carry Cases

PPA500/PPA1500 Carry Case
N4L Power Analyzer Flight Case

The N4L PPA500/PPA1500 Aluminium carry cases offer ruggedness in a lightweight package, providing the engineer with the ability to transport the Power Analyzer via freight or an aircraft hold. The Aluminium design offers protection whilst the CNC machined foam inserts secure the instrument in place.