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Data Acquisition Software – Standard with all Measurement Instruments

N4L offer all software free of charge via an online download which can be found in the support section of the website. Our software suites include power analysis data acquisition/graphing software, frequency response analysis graphing/database creation software as well as IEC61000 Harmonics and Flicker test software. Further to this we have developed a specialised standby power analysis software package which is compliant to the latest EN50564 test standards.

Power Analysis Data Logging Software

PPALoG is a flexible high performance data acquisition program designed specifically for the N4L PPA series of power analyzers. The software drivers are tuned to communicate with the N4L power analyzer efficiently at high speed. PPALoG is capable of communicating with the PPA at intervals as low as 10ms. It is worth noting that the 10ms interval is the rate at which computed results (utilising a 1Ms/s or 2.2Ms/s sampling rate) are returned, PPALoG offers true real time no gap high speed data logging with no missing data.

PPALog Brochure (PDF, 2Mb)

PPALog User Manual (PDF, 3Mb)

Please see our downloads section to download this software

SoftwareSizeProgramming LanguageFunctionsBrochure
PPALoG<1MbC++ win32 APIDatalogging, Graphing, Remote control, export to excel, csv and text, master/slave up to 4 instruments (12 phases)PPA Datalogger Brochure, 3.1Mb

IEC61000 Harmonics and Flicker (IEC61000-3-2/IEC61000-3-3/IEC61000-3-11/IEC61000-3-12)

IECSoft is a complete software suite dedicated to IEC61000 EMC testing, IECSoft provides an intuitive user interface for the engineer which enables comprehensive analysis of results. The harmonics and flicker EMC test standards are complex and data acquisition and reporting software is often difficult to interpret, IECSoft utilises a colour coding notification system which is updated in “real time” to provide graphical feedback to the user of the current pass/fail parameters of the test device. This approach, coupled with a comprehensive report exporting function provides any EMC test lab with everything they need for compliant, fast, reliable and accurate compliance testing.

IECSoft Manual vol.1 (PDF, 14Mb)

IECSoft Manual vol.2 (PDF, 10Mb)

IECSoft Manual vol.3 (PDF, 9Mb)

A complete IEC61000 test system consists of a PPA55x1, IMP Impedance Network and N4A AC Source. Each individual component of the test system can be purchased separately and added to an existing system.

Please see our downloads section to download this software

SoftwareSizeProgramming LanguageEMC Standards
IECSoft<5MbC++ win32 APIIEC61000-3-2

Standby Power Analysis Software (EN50564 & IEC62301)

N4L have developed a convenient automated software package that feature all of the EN50564 test limits for standby power software testing. Combined with the accuracy provided by any of the PPA5500(10A & 30A), PPA4500(10A & 30A), PPA1500(20A & 30A) and PP500(20A & 30A) units N4L are able to provide a fully compliant standby power test solution.

Please see our downloads sections to download this software

SoftwareSizeProgramming LanguageFunctions
N4L Standby Power24MbVisual C++ .NETEN50564 & IEC62301 Compliance,export to excel reporting

PSMComm2 Frequency Response Analysis Software

The N4L PSM1700, PSM1735 and PSM3750 frequency response analyzers provide an accurate and repeatable measurement instrument, PSMComm allows the engineer to record and analyse the data in a convenient and clean manner.

PSMComm2 Brochure (PDF, 1Mb)

PSMComm2 user manual (PDF, 4Mb)

SoftwareSizeProgramming LanguageFunctionsUser Manual
PSMComm2<1MbC++ win32 APIGraphing, export to excel, FRA, LCR, PiezoPSMComm2 User Manual v1_1c PDF, 2.79Mb

Sweep Frequency Response Analysis software (Transformer Analysis)

Sweep Frequency Response Analysis has been made simpler with the N4L SFRA45 SFRAComm software package, the design philosophy behind the SFRA45 program was to facilitate simple, quick, accurate and reliable measurements. SFRAComm allows the user to either control the SFRA45 directly in the field or import saved sweeps from a USB memory stick. This provides the flexibility required by field personnel along with a simple to use interface. The “auto diagnose” interface provides the user with rapid automatic fault diagnosis with a traffic light system indicating current transformer health.

SoftwareSizeProgramming LanguageFunctions
SFRAComm<1MbC++ win32 APIMultiple plot comparison, auto fault diagnosis (DLT – 911/2004), database functions