SLM3505 Selective Level Meter

Portable Selective Level Meter with integrated Signal Generator

Field Portable Power Line Communications Analysis instrument featuring colour display and USB memory stick interface for data transfer. The N4L SLM3505 also includes VSWR, Oscilloscope and impedance(LCR) modes.

The SLM3505 was designed to provide a single instrument solution for the Electric Utility System Protection Engineer and Relay/Communications Technician responsible for the alignment and maintenance of Power Line Carrier, Audio Tone and FSK Communications Systems. This multifunction instrument replaces all 4 existing Power Line Carrier Instruments in one for a fraction of the cost, all in a compact lightweight package. It is important to note that the requirement for a separate signal generator is no longer the case, the SLM3505 integrates the signal generator into the same chassis as the selective level meter.

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Features & Benefits

Frequency range 5Hz to 5MHz Selectable inputs up to 300 Vpk
Low and High level generators Dual frequency SLM mode
Impedance analyzer VSWR Meter
Oscilloscope mode Line trap/tuner test
Mains / 12 volt dc / internal battery operation Supplied complete with rugged flight case


SLM3505 Brochure & Technical Specification PDF, 360Kb
SLM3505-E Brochure & Technical Specification PDF, 360Kb



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SLM3505 User Manual v2_73 594kB

SLM3505 Options, Software, Accessories + Application Notes and Related Articles

COMMS_ICON Communications Interfaces:
  • Standard: RS232, USB, LAN
PROBE_ICON Connection Leads and Accessory Options:
  • SLM Custom Cable Set - 2x BNC to Alligator Clip 2m, 2x BNC to Pin Tip 2m, 2x BNC to BNC 2m, 3x 4mm Plug to Pin Tip 2m, 3x 4mm Plug to Alligator 2m
INJ_TRANSFORMER_ICON Direction Coupler Options
EXTENSION_ICON Port Accessory Options:
  • USB to 9 Pin RS232 Serial Converter
CASES_ICON Carry Cases:
CALIBRATION_ICON Calibration and Documentation (Unit supplied with UKAS ISO17025 certificate as standard when new):
  • Standard Recalibration (ISO17025 Traceable) - SLM3505
  • Spare set of user manuals - Hard copy of user and communications manual
PC_ICON PC Software (Free of charge):
  • CommView 2 Scripting Software - SLM PC Scripting Software
  Below are a list of application notes related to the field of power line carrier communications (PLCC) APP004 - Testing FSK Communications

SLM3505 Full Instrument Specification

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SLM3505-E Full Instrument Specification

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