PPA4500 – Precision Power Analyzer

High Accuracy Power Analyzer for a wide range of Applications

The PPA4500 features high speed FPGA/DSP sampling techniques and N4L’s highly respected “Planar Shunt” Technology, the PPA4500 is the result of over 12 years of development. The PPA4500 replaces the outgoing PPA2500 and PPA2600 models, with improved accuracy, colour TFT, front USB port and faster processing. The PPA4500 is a significant leap forward in both accuracy and functionality. The PPA4500 is well suited to transformer loss testing, PWM inverter drive efficiency testing, standby power testing to IEC62301/EN50564 and many more challenging applications.

The PPA4500 exhibits the ability to measure fundamental frequencies up to 2MHz, as well as up to 100 Harmonics with the same 2MHz upper frequency limit. PWM Motor drive mode enables the engineer to rapidly setup the instrument to measure complex harmonically distorted waveforms, sophisticated signal processing algorithms facilitate high sample rate (2Ms/s) true wideband (2Mhz) analysis of PWM signals. The PPA4500 Utilises parallel digital filtering for fundamental frequency synchronisation without affecting the bandwidth of the measured data.

All PPA4500 units are supplied with UKAS ISO17025 certification as standard, this is performed at N4L in the UK in our accredited ISO17025 Laboratory.

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ISO17025 Calibration and Verification

Every PPA4500 Power Analyzer supplied by N4L is provided with both a UKAS Accredited calibration certificate up to 850Hz, as well as a UKAS Traceable calibration certificate up to 1MHz. N4L have developed a number of bespoke power calibrators in order to verify the accuracy of every power analyzer supplied over its entire frequency range, this is surprisingly uncommon within the instrumentation industry. Furthermore, development of an ISO17025 (UKAS) accredited Closed Loop Calorimeter in partnership with Oxford University (UK) has verified the performance of the N4L custom designed power calibration rigs with a very low uncertainty level, providing absolute confidence that the wide band performance of all N4L power analyzers is market leading.

Calibration Options

1. Standard Recalibration - Included with new instruments – Included with RMA Calibration
Wideband calibration (DC-2MHz) with optimisation of measurements on all ranges over the complete instrument bandwidth. Traceable to UKAS but not ‘accredited’.
2. UKAS (ISO17025) Calibration – Included with new instruments – Optional with RMA Calibration
UKAS Accredited calibration of Voltage, Current, Phase (PF) and Power on all ranges from 55-850Hz.
This option includes option 1 calibration.
In addition to the calibration certificates, the PPA will be fitted with a UKAS calibration label.
3. System Calibration – Standard - Optional with new instruments or RMA calibration
UKAS accredited calibration of a PPA together with an external sensor.
This option is separate to option 1 which must also be ordered when system calibrating.
Note: This is end-to-end calibration of the of the PPA+sensor ‘system’ at an N4L defined test point or points and does not include UKAS calibration of the PPA alone (option 2).

4. System Calibration – Non-Standard - Optional with new instruments or RMA calibration
As Option 3 but applied at customer requested test points. This will be UKAS only for frequencies between 16-850Hz.

5. UKAS IEC61000 H+F Calibration - Optional with new instruments or RMA calibration
UKAS accredited calibration of PPA55x1 series units that includes all prevailing type test protocols for fully compliant Harmonic and Flicker testing.
This option includes option 1 and option 2 calibration.
6. PPA55xx-TE Calibration – Included with PPA-TE order – Optional with RMA Calibration
Custom UKAS calibration that includes a series of low power factor tests down to 0.01 PF over the frequency range of 16-450Hz.
This option includes option 1 calibration.
7. UKAS calorimeter power calibration – Optional with new instruments or RMA calibration
UKAS accredited power calibration via calorimetry. Available at customer requested frequency(s) and with sinusoidal or harmonically distorted wave shapes within a frequency range of 45Hz to 2MHz.
This option includes options 1 and 2.

Features & Benefits

0.03% Basic accuracy Frequency range DC and 10mHz to 2MHz
High precision internal shunts Superior accuracy to any external shunt 5 millidegree phase accuracy Necessary for low power factor applications
Up to 50 Arms (1000 Apk) & 1000 Vrms (3000 Vpk) direct input Low current (10Arms), Standard (30Arms) and High current (50Arms) options
High speed sampling on all channels (2Ms/s) True real time analysis with no measurement gap
1, 2 or 3 phase versions master – slave mode for 4, 5 or 6 phase Real time Digital, Tabular, Graphic and Oscilloscope displays
Simple BNC connection of N4L shunts for high current applications RS232, USB, LAN, (IEEE 488 Option), Torque, Speed and Extension ports
Up to 100 Harmonics PWM Motor Drive Analysis Mode
Free PPALoG Datalogging Software available via download Transformer Analysis Mode


PPA45_5500 Black Brochure March 2020 PDF, 6Mb
PPA45xx-Dimensions PDF, 85kb
PPA4530 Rack Dimensions PDF, 225kb
PPA Datalogger User Manual PDF, 3.31Mb



PPA45xx User Manual v3.0PDF, 1.45Mb
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PPA45xx Comms Manual v3.01PDF, 840kb
PPA45 Start Up Manual v2.177 PDF, 3.1Mb
Power_Analyzer_Product_Selector PDF, 236kb

PPA4500 Options, Software and Accessories

COMMS_ICON Communications Interfaces:
  • Standard: USB, LAN, RS232 Communication Ports
  • Options: GPIB Communication Port
PROBE_ICON Probes and Probe Accessory Options:
  • ULCP Ultra Low Capacitance Probes (Active, For use with DUT’s susceptible to capacitive loading) – 1.5pF, 1000Vrms, dc to 2MHz, 1000:1
  • TT-HV 250 High Voltage Probe (Passive) – 2.5kVpk, 100:1
  • TT-HVP 15HF High Voltage Probe – 15kVpk, 1000:1
  • ATT10 – 10:1 Attenuator (For use when voltage probe output does not meet PPA ext. input 3Vpk max rating) – For connection to PPA ext input and external attenuating probes.
  • ATT20 – 20:1 Attenuator (For use when voltage probe output does not meet PPA ext. input 3Vpk max rating) – For connection to PPA ext input and external attenuating probes.
EXTENSION_ICON Extension Port and Accessory Options:
  • ADI40 40 Channel Analogue <> Digital IO Interface
  • PCIS – Phase controlled inrush for (Use when control of DUT source with respect to phase angle is required)
CONNECTOR_ICON Leads, Connection and Interface Options:
  • 20A Connection lead set for one phase (supplied as standard) – 20Arated, 1.5m long + Alligator Clips
  • 36A Connection lead set for one phase – 36A rated, 1.5m long + Alligator Clips
  • Voltage Breakout Lead set – 3 x 2m BNC to BNC with 4mm Banana Voltage break out leads + 2 x voltage low shorting leads (For use when distance between analyser and DUT is large and HF series external shunt is being used, facilitates short voltage connections.
  • Universal Breakout Box – Single Phase 10Arms Universal Breakout box
  • RS232 Cable (Supplied as Standard) – 9 Pin null modem cable
  • USB Cable (Supplied as standard) – 2m long A Male to B Male USB Cable
CASES_ICON Carry Cases:
  • PPA45/55xx Soft Carry Case – Black Nylon Padded Case with accessory space, handle and strap
  • PPA45/55xx Hard Carry Case – PPA45/55xx Hard Aluminium Flight Case with accessory space, handle and lock (Ideal for Aircraft Hold)
RACK_ICON Rack Mounting Kit Options:
CALIBRATION_ICON Calibration and Documentation (Unit supplied with UKAS ISO17025 certificate as standard when new):
  • Standard Recalibration (ISO17025 Traceable) – Single Phase PPA (PPA4510)
  • Standard Recalibration (ISO17025 Traceable) – Two and Three Phase PPA (PPA4520 & PPA4530)
  • ISO17025 UKAS Calibration + Standard Calibration – Single Phase PPA (PPA4510)
  • ISO17025 UKAS Calibration + Standard Calibration – Single Phase PPA (PPA4520 & PPA4530)
  • PPA45xx Loan Instrument available upon request during Calibration or Repair (Available in Europe only)
  • Spare set of user manuals – Hard copy of user and communications manual
CLAMP_ICON Current Measurement Options:
PC_ICON PC Software (Free of charge):

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PPA4500 Full Instrument Specification

Frequency Range
PPA4500(30Arms), PPA4500-LC(10Arms) DC, 10mHz ~ 2MHz

PPA4500-HC(50Arms) : DC, 10mHz ~ 1MHz
Voltage Input
Internal Ranges
Normal : 1Vpk ~ 3000Vpk (8 ranges = 1V, 3V, 10V, 30V, 100V, 300V, 1KV, 3KV)

(240Vrms within 300Vpk range, using 20% over range)
Internal Voltage Input Impedance3Mohm in parallel with 5pF, 90pF common mode to chassis
Internal Accuracy
Normal : 0.03% Rdg + 0.04% Rng + (0.004%xkHz) + 5mV
External Voltage BNC Input Ranges1Vpk ~ 3Vpk [BNC Connector 3Vpk Max Input] 8 Ranges = 1mV, 3mV, 10mV, 30mV, 100mV, 300mV, 1V, 3V
External Voltage Input Accuracy0.03% Rdg + 0.04% Rng + (0.004%xkHz) + 3uV
Current Input
PPA4500-LC 10Arms Shunt, 4mm Safety Connectors
10mApk ~ 30Apk (10Arms) (8 ranges = 10mA, 30mA, 100mA, 300mA, 1A, 3A, 10A, 30A)
PPA4500 30Arms Shunt, 4mm Safety Connectors
100mApk ~ 300Apk (30Arms) (8 ranges = 100mA, 300mA, 1A, 3A, 10A, 30A, 100A, 300A)
PPA4500-HC 50Arms Shunt, 50A Screw Type Safety Terminals
300mApk ~ 1000Apk (50Arms) (8 ranges = 300mA, 1A, 3A, 10A, 30A, 100A, 300A, 1KA)
Internal Shunt Accuracy
PPA4500-LC : 0.03% Rdg + 0.04% Rng + 0.004%xkHz + 30uA

PPA4500 : 0.03% Rdg + 0.04% Rng + 0.004%xkHz + 300uA

PPA4500-HC : 0.03% Rdg + 0.04% Rng + 0.004%xkHz + 900uA
External Current BNC Input Ranges1Vpk ~ 3Vpk [BNC Connector 3Vpk Max Input] 8 Ranges = 1mV, 3mV, 10mV, 30mV, 100mV, 300mV, 1V, 3V
External Current Input Accuracy0.03% Rdg + 0.04% Rng + (0.004%/kHz) + 3uV
Phase Accuracy
PPA4500-LC(10Arms) / PPA4500(30Arms) : 0.005deg + (0.01deg/kHz)

PPA4500-HC(50Arms) : 0.01deg + (0.02deg/kHz)
Power Accuracy
Normal[0.04% + 0.05%/pf + (0.01%/kHz)/pf] Rdg + 0.04% VA Rng
40Hz ~ 850Hz[0.03% + 0.04%/pf + (0.01%/kHz)/pf] Rdg + 0.03% VA Rng
Crest Factor
20 (Voltage and Current)
Sample Rate
1Ms/s on all channels, real time No-Gap
IEC Compliant Modes
IEC62301/EN50564 Standby Power Mode
Application Modes
PWM Motor Drive, Transformer, Ballast, Inrush, Standby Power
CMRR - Common Mode Rejection Ratio250V @ 50Hz - ≥ 1mA (150dB) 100V @ 100kHz - ≥ 3mA (130dB)
Measurement ParametersW, VA, Var, pf, V & A - rms, rectified mean, AC, DC, peak, surge, crest factor, form factor, star to delta conversion, delta to star conversion
Frequency (Hz), Phase (deg), Fundamentals, Impedance
Harmonics, THD, TIF, THF, TRD, TDD
Integrated Values, Datalog, Sum and Neutral Values
Datalog (Up to 4 user selectable measurement functions (60 with PC software)
Datalog windowNo-Gap analysis, Minimum Window 10ms
Memory 16,000 records
Communication PortsStandard : RS232, USB, LAN, Extension (Aux)
Options :GPIB (Option G)
Standard Accessories
Power, RS232, USB
Connection Cables
36A 1.5m long 4mm stackable terminals. 1x red, 1x yellow, 2x black per phase (1x red, 1x black per phase with HC version)
Connection Clips
4mm terminated alligator clips - 1x red, 1x yellow and 2x black per phase (1x red, 1x black per phase with HC version)
Instruction manual
User manual, Communications manual
Other documents
Calibration certificate, Quick start guide
Mechanical and Environmental
320x240 dot full colour TFT, White LED backlit
130H x 400W x 315D mm excluding feet
5.4kg (1 Phase), 6kg (3 Phase)
Safety Isolation
1000Vrms or DC (CATII), 600Vrms or DC (CATIII)
Power Supply
90 ~ 265Vrms, 50 ~ 60Hz, 40VA Max
Operating Conditions
5 deg to 40 deg ambient temperature (or air intake temperature when rack mounted), 20-90% Non-condensing relative humidity

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