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PPA2600 – Discontinued Mar 2014 (See PPA4500 Model for Replacement)

Precision power measurement instrument: Rack mounted, offering up to 50Arms

Based on the PPA2500 analogue and digital design, the PPA2600 has been further developed with a full 19″ width chassis to accommodate a 50 Arms and rack mounting options.

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Features & Benefits

 0.04% Basic accuracy  Frequency range DC and 10mHz to 2MHz
 High precision internal shunts
Superior accuracy to any external shunt
 5 millidegree phase accuracy
Necessary for low power factor applications
 30 Arms (300 Apk) & 1000 Vrms (3000 Vpk) direct input  Low current and High current options available
 High speed sampling on all channels  True real time analysis with no measurement gap
 1, 2 or 3 phase versions
master – slave mode for 4, 5 or 6 phase
 Real time Digital, Tabular, Graphic and Oscilloscope displays
 Simple BNC connection of N4L shunts for high current applications  RS232, IEEE 488, USB, LAN, Torque, Speed and Extension ports