PPA2500 – Discontinued Mar 2014 (See PPA4500 Model for Replacement)

Precision power measurement instrument: DC and 10mHz to 2MHz power analysis

N4L has combined years of experience in high frequency measurement instrumentation with innovative developments in analog and digital design to produce a new generation of class leading precision power analyzers called the PPA2500 series. In common with many advances in technology, the PPA2500 series not only excels in performance but it achieves this at an exceptionally competitive price, putting high performance power analysis within the reach of all those who need it.

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Features & Benefits

 0.04% Basic accuracy  Frequency range DC and 10mHz to 2MHz
 High precision internal shunts
Superior accuracy to any external shunt
 5 millidegree phase accuracy
Necessary for low power factor applications
 Up to 30 Arms (300 Apk) & 1000 Vrms (3000 Vpk) direct input  Low current (10Arms) option available
 High speed sampling on all channels  True real time analysis with no measurement gap
 1, 2 or 3 phase versions
master – slave mode for 4, 5 or 6 phase
 Real time Digital, Tabular, Graphic and Oscilloscope displays
 Simple BNC connection of N4L shunts for high current applications  RS232, IEEE 488, USB, LAN, Torque, Speed and Extension ports