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High Current Power Analysis Solutions

Many power applications require current measurement levels above the maximum internal measurement capabilities of a power analyzer. In partnership with LEM Switzerland, N4L have developed a range of interfaces which provide accurate, reliable and simple to implement high current measurement solutions.

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Configure your current measurement solution in 3 simple steps...

Step 1:

Define your current levels, number of phases required and select your LEM transducers

Step 2:

Choose you interface...



3~6 Phases (if individual transducer power requirement is <20W AC / <30W DC - check graph below)

1~6 Phases (or if individual transducer power requirement is >20W AC / >30W DC - check graph below)

...your solution is complete a Suitable LEM-1 Power module in Step 3.

Step 3:

Select LEM-1 Power Module (For LEM-1 Interface only)

Long Cable Lengths?

For cable lengths up to 18M, our interface options selection guide explains the optimum solution

Your Complete Current Measurement Solution

From the selection process described above, you will have created a high accuracy current measurement solution which can be directly interfaced with one of our Precision Power Analyzers. You will have selected a LEM6 + up to 6 compatible LEM transducers, or a LEM-1 + LEM50/LEM150 Power Module + LEM transducers.

LEM-1 Interface Product Overview

N4L LEM-1 Interface module serves as a high accuracy, highly stable interfacing unit allowing simple “plug and play” connection of any N4L PPA to the LEM IT and ITN current transducers. The LEM-1 supplies the LEM transducer with a highly stable isolated supply voltage, providing excellent cross channel coupling immunity. If one or more of the LEM-1 interface module is purchased with an N4L power analyzer and LEM transducers, the LEM-1 Interface can be “system calibrated” within N4L’s ISO17025 UKAS laboratory. This provides the engineer with a single uncertainty figure and improved accuracy performance.


LEM-1 Interface Module PDF, 115kb

Current Transducer Interface options – Selection Guide PDF, 750kb

LEM-1 Power Module Product Description

The LEM-1 power modules are available in two variants. A lower power 50W module which will power up to 6x IT65-S transducers or 3x IT700-S transducers, for example. There is also a 120W power module which will power up to 6x IT900-S or 2x IN2000-S transducers, for example. The LEM-1 Power Module offers not only convenience, it also provides a stable power source for the LEM transducers. There is a universal input, rated from 90~264Vrms, 47~63Hz. The output of the 50W LEM Power Module is a +/-15V supply delivering up to 1.67A continuously, the 120W LEM Power Module will output 4A continuously.


  50W LEM Power Module 120W LEM Power Module
Power Output 50W 120W
Input Voltage 90~264Vrms 90~264Vrms
Output Voltage DC +/- 15V DC +/- 15V
Output Current 1.67A Continuous 4A Continuous
Overload Capacity Continuous rating x2 for 100ms – 10% duty cycle Continuous rating x2 for 100ms – 10% duty cycle
Output protection Short circuit protection with foldback – Auto recovery Short circuit protection with foldback – Auto recovery
Typical Efficiency >85% @ full load 85% @ full load

LEM-6 Interface

The LEM-6 interface is a dedicated solution for multi-phase high current power measurement applications. The LEM-6 can be supplied in 3~6 phase configurations supporting up to 707Arms (1000Apk). Featuring 4 calibrated burden resistances, the LEM-6 ensures maximum possible accuracy is achieved from the LEM sensor over a wide dynamic range. The LEM6 is 19in rack mountable with each input channel being equipped with a dedicated low noise isolated PSU.

LEM-6 Specification

Parameter Specification
No. of channels 3~6
LEM Transducer supply voltage +/- 15V
LEM Transducer maximum supply current +/- 1Apk
Output voltage @ BNC connector +/- 3Vpk max
No. of ranges 4
Ranges 1Ω, 2.5Ω, 5Ω, 10Ω
Accuracy 0.1% (0.04% once system calibrated)
Warranty 3 years


LEM-6 Interface PDF, 1.64Mb