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ADI40 – AnalogueDigital Interface


Multi-Channel DC Analogue<>Digital Data Logger with Multiple Analogue Output

The ADI40 extends the versatility of the Precision Power Analyzers (PPA3500, PPA4500 and PPA5500), collecting a multitude of DC measurements and streaming the data digitally to the Power Analyzer. Featuring 4x, 8x, 12x or 16x direct thermocouple inputs (type J or type k), 4x, 8x, 12x or 16x analogue DC inputs and 20x analogue DC outputs. Analogue outputs can be mapped to any PPA measured parameter, as well as the analogue/thermocouple inputs.

Typical applications include system integration where multiple power/sensor parameters must be analysed within one central measurement system, bringing together external sensors and primary power measurements from the PPA3500, PPA4500/PPA5500. This data is available via the command line (through the intuitive “MUTILOG” command, see PPA comms manual for more details)  or sent out as a DC voltage level to one of the 20x outputs on the ADI40 to chart recorders or similar devices.

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Features & Benefits

ADI40 Analogue<>Digital Interface Product Overview
0.1% FS Basic accuracy4~16 Analogue DC Inputs +/-10V
20 Analogue Outputs +/-10V4~16 Thermocouple Inputs (Type J or Type K)
Up to 10ms update rateMeasured Parameters within PPA are able to be mapped to the Analogue Outputs
High speed sampling on all channelsConnects to Power Analyzer via Extension Port
Compatible with many Pressure, Torque, Flow Rate SensorsIdeal for Systems Integrators
Temperature Range+/- 200 ̊C with 0.1 ̊C resolution standard or +/- 500 ̊C with 0.25 ̊C resolution