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LPA400 Laboratory Power Amplifier

LPA400 is a wideband high volatge amplifier for an industrial or laboratory environment.

The LPA range of power amplifiers from Newtons4th Ltd are robust and reliable for use in a variety of industrial and laboratory applications. Designed originally for use with the PSM range frequency respsonse analyzers, they can also be used anywhere where there is a need to boost a signal either in voltage or current.

They combine DC accuracy with wide bandwidth to faithfully reproduce complex waveforms, driving loads that may be capacitive, inductive or resistive.

Optionally, the DC component can be eliminated with AC coupling, or can be reduced with AC+(DC) coupling. To limit high frequency noise, the input bandwidth can be reduced with a linear phase, 2nd order, low pass filter for low frequency applications.

Features & Benefits

400Vpk @ 50mApk from DC to 1MHz AC, AC+DC or AC with reduced DC
Switch selectable gain stable into a wide variety of loads
High slew rate Selectable bandwidth