PSM2201 – Discontinued May 2013

Veqtor: 10µHz–2.4MHz – Low Signal Level – Discontinued May 2013

Veqtor is a high accuracy phase sensitive multimeter, which incorporates several sophisticated measurement functions under DSP control, including vector analysis, frequency response analysis, LCR analysis and phase measurement. Phase accuracy is better than 0.1° at 100kHz, and 1° at 1MHz; tan of the angle is resolved to 0.0001 – DFT analysis gives excellent results even with distorted signals.

In either 19″ rack or space-saving tower versions and with its wide range of accessories, PSM2201 Veqtor provides the solution to applications with low differential voltage with a common mode voltage up to 500 Vpk.

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Features & Benefits


Frequency range 100µHz to 2.4MHz Floating differential inputs – 10 Vpk
Gain accuracy at < 1 kHz  0.02 dB Phase accuracy at < 1 kHz  0.05°
Frequency response analyzer Impedance analyzer
Vector Volt Meter / Phase Angle Volt Meter RMS Volt Meter
Loop response analysis Harmonic analyzer

The PSM2201 Frequency Response Analyzer has now been replaced by the PSM3750