PSM1735 – 10uHz to 35MHz Frequency Response Analyzer

10µHz–35MHz Versatile High Performance Gain/Phase Frequency Response Analyzer

Utilising an innovative design that incorporates both direct digital analysis and heterodyning techniques, the PSM1735 provides a broad range of measurement functions over a wider frequency range than any other instrument available today. Typical applications for this product include switched mode power supply feedback loop analysis, filter test and design, LVDT testing, sweep frequency response analysis of wound components and much more. As with other N4L products, PSM1735 NumetriQ utilises the latest DSP and FPGA technology to optimise the use of its analogue hardware providing speed and measurement flexibility without compromise on the performance of each measurement function. The N4L PSM1735 features 0.01dB gain accuracy and 0.02° phase accuracy which is truly market leading performance.

control_loop transistor filter audio opto coax ldo transformer cross_talk emi
Control Loop
Filter Design
Audio Amplifier
Coax Cable
LDO Regulator
Signal Transformer
 Cross Talk
 RFI/EMC Filter

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Features & Benefits

Frequency range 10µHz to 35MHz Floating differential inputs – 10 Vpk
Gain accuracy at < 1 kHz  0.01 dB Phase accuracy at < 1 kHz  0.01°
Frequency response analyzer Impedance analyzer
Vector Volt Meter / Phase Angle Volt Meter RMS Volt Meter
Loop response analysis Harmonic analyser


PSM1700_35 Brochure & Technical Specifications
Introduction to PSM1700 and PSM1735 Datalog Mode
LCR Active Head & IAI
PSMComm2 User Manual v1_1cPDF, 2.79Mb



PSM1735 User Manual v2.23PDF, 744kb
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PSM17xx Comms Manual v2.00 PDF, 785kb
IAI User Manual v1.02PDF, 200kb

PSM1735 Options, Software and Accessories

COMMS_ICON Communications Interfaces:
  • Standard: RS232
  • Optional: LAN(Option L), GPIB(Option G)
PROBE_ICON Probes and Probe Accessory Options:
INJ_TRANSFORMER_ICON Injection Transformer Options
CLAMP_ICON Current Measurement Options:
  • HF010m 10mΩ/20Arms 1MHz Bandwidth Current Shunt
  • HF100m 100mΩ/6Arms 1MHz Bandwidth Current Shunt
  • HF470m 470mΩ/3Arms 1MHz Bandwidth Current Shunt
  • HF01A 1Ω/1Arms 1MHz Bandwidth Current Shunt
EXTENSION_ICON Port Accessory Options:
  • USB to 9 Pin RS232 Serial Converter
CASES_ICON Carry Cases:
  • PSM Soft Carry Case – Black Nylon Padded Case with accessory space, handle and strap
RACK_ICON Rack Mounting Kit Options:
CALIBRATION_ICON Calibration and Documentation:
  • Standard Recalibration – PSM17xx
  • Standard Recalibration – PSM17xx + IAI
  • External Laboratory ISO17025 UKAS Calibration + Standard Calibration – PSM17xx
  • Spare set of user manuals – Hard copy of user and communications manual
PC_ICON PC Software (Free of charge):
  • PSMComm – PSM PC Interface Software, databasing, graphs, real time data display (PSMComm2 User Manual v1_1b PDF, 2.79Mb)
  • PSMSoft – Labview Executable with PSM, including Nyquist Simulation

Application Notes and Related Articles

Below are a list of application notes related to the field of frequency response analysis

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APP016 – Testing RFI line filters with the PSM

APP009 – Measuring low THD with the PSM17xx

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APP006 – High Voltage Capacitance Measurement with the PSM series analyzers

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APP001 – Testing communications transformers with the PSM

PSM1735 Full Instrument Specification

Measurement Magnitude, Gain (CH1/CH2 or CH2/CH1), Gain (dB), Offset Gain (dB), Phase (⁰)
Frequency Range10μHz to 35MHz
20mHz to 35MHz with External Source
Gain Accuracy in dB0.01dB + 0.001dB/kHz < 1MHz
0.1dB + 0.04dB/MHz < 35MHz
Phase Accuracy0.02⁰ < 10kHz
0.05⁰ + 0.0001⁰ / kHz < 35MHz
Frequency SourceGenerator or CH1 Input
MeasurementReal Time DFT, no missing data
SpeedUp to 100 readings per second
FilterSelectable from 0.2 seconds
Resolution5 or 6 digits
MeasurementIn-Phase, Quadrature,
Tan Φ, Magnitude, Phase, In-Phase Ratio, rms, rms ratio,
LVDT Differential,
LVDT Ratiometric
Frequency Range10μHz to 35MHz
20mHz to 35MHz with External Source
Basic Accuracy (ac)0.5% range + 0.05% reading + 0.05mV < 1kHz
Basic + 0.001%/kHz < 10kHz
Basic + 0.002%/kHz < 1MHz
Basic + 1.6% + 0.4%/MHz < 35MHz
FunctionsL, C, R (ac), Q, tan delta, impedance, phase - Series or Parallel circuit
Frequency Range10μHz to 35MHz
Current ShuntExternal or N4L active head or IAI (Impedance Analysis Interface)
LCR Measurement Functions
Resistance (R)1mOhm to 500MOhm
Reactance (X)1mOhm to 500MOhm
Impedance (Z)1mOhm to 500MOhm
Capacitance Value (Cp & Cs)1pF to 1mF
Phase Angle0 to 360 deg with 0.001 degree resolution
Q. Factor+/- 0.00001 ~ 9999.99
Tan Delta (Reciprocal of Q, also known as Dissipation Factor D)+/- 0.00001 ~ 9999.99
Admittance (Y) reciprocal of impedance (Siemens)+/- 2nS to 1KS
Conductance (G) resistive part of admittance (Siemens)+/- 2nS to 1KS
Susceptance (B) reactive part of admittance (Siemens)+/- 2nS to 1KS
Voltage Bias+/- 10V
Ranges-LCR HeadInductance - 100nH to 10kH
Capacitance - 10pF to 1000μF
Resistance - 10mΩ to 100MΩ
Ranges-IAIInductance - 10nH to 10kH
Capacitance - 1pF to 1000μF
Resistance - 1mΩ to 500MΩ
Basic Accuracy0.1% + tolerance of selected current shunt
Sweep CapabilityAll ac functions
IAI Impedance Analysis Interface
Frequency Range10μHz to 35MHz
Basic Accuracy0.1% <1kHz
0.2% + 0.0005% / kHz <35MHz
Internal Shunt Phase AccuracyLow 5Ω 0.1deg + 0.01deg / kHz
Normal 50Ω 0.05deg + 0.005deg / kHz
High 5kΩ 0.05deg + 0.005deg / kHz
Very High 500kΩ 0.1deg + 0.05deg / kHz
Power Source90-264V rms 47-64Hz
Frequency RangeDC to 1MHz
1MHz to 35MHz fundamental only
Measurementrms, ac, dc, peak, cf, surge, dBm
Basic Accuracy (ac)As VVM + 0.05mV
Accuracy (dc)0.01% VA range + 0.1% reading + 0.5mV
MeasurementsW, VA, PF, V, A, -total, fundamental and integrated, power harmonics
Frequency Range20mHz to 1MHz
1MHz to 35MHz fundamental only
Current ShuntExternal or use N4L power adaptor
Current AccuracyAs Voltage + external shunt tolerance
Watts Accuracy0.1% VA range + 0.1% reading + external shunt tolerance
ScanSingle or Series
Frequency Range10μHz to 1MHz
MeasurementHarmonic, series THD or difference THD
Max Harmonic50
Inputs2 Balanced Differential
ConnectorsDual Grounded BNC
Couplingac or ac+dc
Max Input10Vpk from earth
Input Ranges10V, 3V, 1V, 300mV, 100mV, 30mV, 10mV, 3mV, 1mVpk
Scaling1 x 10^-9 to 1 x 10^9
RangingFull auto, Up only or manual
Input Impedance1M // 30pF (exc leads)
TypeDirect Digital Synthesis
Frequency10μHz to 35MHz
WaveformsSine, Square (1MHz)
Accuracy Open Loop (with no trim)Frequency ±0.05%
±10% < 10MHz
±20% < 35MHz
Accuracy Closed Loop (with trim) ±1% < 10MHz
±5% < 35MHz
Impedance50Ω ±2%
Output Voltage
(Open Circuit)
0V to ±10Vpk
Output Resolution50μV to 5mV level dependant
Offset0V to ±10Vpk
Offset Resolution±10VmV
Clock Rate150MHz
ConnectorGrounded BNC
FunctionsUp to 4 measured functions user selectable
Datalog WindowFrom 10ms with no gap between each log
MemoryRAM or non - volatile up to 8,000 records
Rate1500 readings/s max
Window660μs to 1s Synchronized to waveform
Buffer8000 results
Display320 x 240 dot LCD - white LED backlight
AlarmAny displayed function Hi, Lo, Inside Window or Outside Window
Program Stores100, prog 1 loaded on power up
Sweep Stores30, all parameters in any sweep function
Remote OperationFull capability, control and data
Size170H x 350W x 250D mm approx
Temperature5 to 35⁰C
Weight4Kg approx
Power Supply90-264V rms 47-63Hz 30VA max