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Oct 2015 – New Power Analyzer Released! 1~6 Phase PPA3500

Newtons4th are pleased to announce the release of the PPA3500 1~6 Phase ~ Precision Power Analyzer.

The PPA3500 benefits from unique design features such as 6 Phase analysis within a 2U chassis and Dual Core processing which enables the unit to run at full sample rate across 6 phases as well enabling the instrument to be configured into two modes simultaneously, such as power mode and oscilloscope mode.

The PPA3500 offers 0.04% Voltage and current accuracy and 0.06% nominal power accuracy, featuring a 1MHz bandwidth and proprietary digital signal processing techniques the PPA3500 is ideally suited to PWM Motor Drive and Solar Inverter analysis.

Torque and Speed inputs are included in the standard configuration, resulting in a ready to go solution for motor drive evaluation.

For more information, see the PPA3500 webpage