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New “LEM-6” Current transducer interface released for N4L Power Analyzer range

N4L have released a new interface unit which provides “plug and play” capabilities for connecting the high accuracy LEM IT and ITN range of current transducers to our power analyzers.

The LEM-6 is available is 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 phase configurations and offers the following benefits;

1. Plug and play connectivity of any LEM IT and ITN transducer

2. Each channel is fed by an isolated, dual rail, highly stable DC power supply, which reduces interference and noise coupling between channels

3. Fully calibrated in the N4L laboratory

4. 4x range resistors enabling the user to optimize the connected transducer accuracy over a wide range of input currents.

See the LEM-6 product page on our website:

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