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Enhanced sales and support structure announced in Japan

Responding to the very specific demands of IEC61000 compliance testing and an increasing need for direct technical support of our broader measurement instrumentation range, IWATSU Electric Company Limited, and N4L have agreed on a change to the present sales and support structure in Japan.

IWATSU will continue to market, supply, and support IWATSU/Newtons4th joint products and all N4L products, with the exception of IEC61000 test instrumentation.

From May 2020, IEC61000 test instrumentation will be marketed, supplied, and supported in Japan directly by the immunity and compliance testing specialists; TSJ, Techno Science Japan. At this time, all support for existing IEC61000 test instrumentation in Japan including IEC61000 products sold by IWATSU will become the responsibility of TSJ.

This new structure will permit IWASTU and N4L to strengthen both sales and technical support of our increasing range of electronic instrumentation products while allowing a dedicated immunity and compliance testing supplier to represent N4L in the very specific application area of IEC61000 test instrumentation.

We are confident that this change will enhance even further the reputation of IWATSU, N4L and now TSJ, for a total commitment to our products and their support.

Full contact details for TSJ can be found on our Distributors Page

Stuart Chappell

Managing Director
Newtons4th Ltd.