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APEC 2022 

N4L UK, in cooperation with our North American colleagues attended APEC 2022 in Houston Texas.

We showcased the real time PWM motor drive measurement capabilities of the PPA3500 precision power analyzer.

For the exhibition, we built a fully enclosed PWM Test Bench with back to back motor drives. The system included a Torque and Speed sensor, shaft coupling to the load motor, resistive load for the regenerative load motor. The entire system was then cased in a aluminum extrusion based chassis with transparent polycarbonate panels.  

The response to our system was fantastic and it created a large amount of interest. Here is a PDF document giving an overview of the system;


PCIM Exhibition Success

Between May 16th and 19th 2017, N4L along with our distributor Caltest GmbH attended the PCIM Exhibition in Nurnberg Germany. The N4L stand proved to be a big success, with many attendees visiting us to talk about the PPA3560 Power Analyzer demonstration which was set up to monitor a back to back Motor Drive System. Below you will see some photographs taken from the event showing our stand and associated products