39. A guide to compliant Flicker measurements – Are you fully compliant to IEC61000-3-3 and IEC61000-3-11?

38. Understanding Power Calibration

37. Do I need a power analyzer or can I use a DAQ card?

36. 6 & 7 Phase Motor Drive Analysis

35. Low Power Factor Watts Measurement & Calibration

34. Flicker Simulation with the N4A AC Power Sources

33. Battery Cell Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (PSM3750+BATT470m)

PSM_C001 (N4L, 1KB) Please note that loading this file will set your PSM3750 into Serial/RS232 as the chosen communications method between your PC and PSM. If you are using either LAN or USB, please change the setting in the Comms menu.

32. Efficiency Measurement of Traction Motors

31.  Expanded Nyquist Sampling Theory

30. DFT or FFT? A Comparison of Fourier Transform Techniques

29. Capacitor Analysis with High DC Bias Voltage

28. N4L Harmonics and Flicker Compliance Verification of PPA55xx to IEC61000-3-2, IEC61000-3-3, IEC61000-3-11, IEC61000-3-12

26. IEC61000-3-3 2013 Electromagnetic Compatability – A guide to Flicker Measurement

25. PWM Motor Drive Ramp Testing with the PPA45/5500 Power Analyzers

24. Sweep Frequency Response Analysis of Power Transformers – Typical Test Sequences (IEC60076-18)

23. Harmonic Analysis in Power Applications

22. PSRR(Power Supply Rejection Ratio) Testing

21. Master Slave Efficiency Testing

20. Amplifier Frequency Response

19. RMS and Peak range consideration in Precision Power Analyzers

18. Transformer Efficiency testing and Transformer Vector Theory

17. PWM Motor Drives – Pulse Width Modulation Theory

16. RFI Line Filter Testing – Frequency Response Analysis

15. Standby Power Testing – IEC62301

14. 3 Phase 2 Wattmeter Explained – Power Analysis

13. Efficiency Measurements of AC – DC Power supplies using the PPA1500 series Power Analyzers

12. Unique N4L Current Shunt Design – Field Cancellation

Control loop frequency response testing

11. LCR Measurement of  Components at High Frequency

10. Switched Mode Power Supply Loop gain measurement with multiple loops

9. Power accuracy at specified frequency and phase angle

View App note 009
Online version Link
Pdf. Download APP009 Power Accuracy (PDF, 64KB)

8. LCR Measurements with the PSM range

View App note 008
Online version Link
Pdf. Download App 008 LCR Measurements v2

7. Measuring low THD

View App note 007
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Pdf. Download App 007 Measuring low THD v2 (PDF, 90KB)

6. High voltage capacitance measurement

View App note 006
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Pdf. Download APP006 High voltage capacitance measurement (PDF, 23KB)

5. Measuring fluctuating signals

View App note 005
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Pdf. Download Measuring fluctuating signals (PDF, 16KB)

4. Testing FSK communications

View App note 004
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Pdf. Download APP04 Testing LVDTs (PDF, 11KB)

3. Using the PSM Series with LVDTs

View App note 003
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Pdf. Download APP03 Testing LVDTs (PDF, 27KB)

2. Testing loop stability

View App note 002
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Pdf. Download APP002 Testing loop stability (PDF, 66KB)

1. Testing communications transformers

View App note 001
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Pdf. Download APP001 Testing communications transformers (PDF, 66KB)