EIS Interface

(Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy)

The BATT470m electrochemical impedance analysis interface (EIS) provides an easy to use battery/cell impedance test platform for the electrochemical industry. Utilizing the highly accurate PSM3750 frequency response analyzer from N4L, the BATT470 provides impedance measurement of batteries/cells up to 100V DC.

With a frequency range of 100mHz to 1MHz, the BATT470m covers a wide range of applications. Our software package - PSMComm2, featuring “EIS” mode, displays the in-phase and quadrature impedance of the cell in Nyquist form as well as overall impedance (Z), in bode form.

Typical applications for the BATT470m include;

 Battery Design/R&D

 Mobile product design engineering utilising battery cells as a power source

 Space Engineering - characterization of the batteries for rapid charge/discharge cycles.

For more information,

• PSM Accessory Webpage

• APP033: Battery Cell EIS Application Note 

Latest Software Updates

 PSMComm2 Software

A new version of our PSM Software is available to download from the website, please click on the link below. The new version has been developed to compliment the release of our BATT470m EIS accessory. Upgrades include:

• Added EIS mode to the software which sweeps and displays the data in Nyquist mode,   calculating circuit values (Randles Cell) to display on screen.

• LCR sweeps can be viewed in EIS mode and visa versa.

• EIS Table shows steps/frequency/real/imaginary

• EIS graph can be edited, like the LCR graphs

We have another new feature in PSMComm2 which allows multiple loop responses to be combined into a single response, we call this function "mloop".

This new application will suit the PSM3750-3C which has 3 input channels, these can be used to measure 2 feedback loops on a switched mode power supply.

• Implementation to calculate Multiloop for any 2 (or 3) sweeps from the database.The Multiloop lines will be dashed lines that are a mix of the colour of the 2 selected sweeps (so if sweep 1’s gain line is red, and sweep 2’s is blue, the multi loop gain line will be purple)

• Added Software “Settings…” in Configure>”Settings…”, which allow the user to set their locale.

• Locale is set to “default” initially, and can be Forced into another locale (currently available options are UK/US, France, Germany, Custom)

• Default Locale is set by your operating system

• Locale settings change how numbers are formatted on your PC:

• UK/US:    1,234.567

• France:    1 234,567

• Germany: 1.234,567



The Current Versions of all N4L Software programs are shown below, please click on the link for a direct download

PPA Series Software

• PPA Data Logger v3.2b

IEC61000 Harmonics and Flicker Software

• IEC Soft v2.4e

PSM Series Software

• PSMComm2 v1.0j

SFRA Series Software

• SFRAComm2 v1.1e

Software Unlock Codes: All N4L software applications are passcode protected for first use. Passcodes can be obtained by contacting your local distributor or via N4L directly.

Latest Firmware Updates


PPA5/1500 v2.68

• GPIB Option added to Communication Channels

• Product Enhancement

PPA45/55xx v2.137

• Product Enhancement 

SLM3505 v2.91

• Firmware upgrade for the addition of Balanced Output Accessory (BAL01) for use when undertaking PLCC tests

Firmware is available as a download from our "Support Section" or via the links below



The current Firmware levels for all instruments are shown below, please click on the link for a direct download

• CommView2 - v1_2h

• PPA500 - v2.68

• PPA1500 - v2.68

• PPA3500 - v2.05 

• PPA4500 - v2.137

• PPA5500 - v2.137

• PPA55x1 - v2.137

• PSM1700 - v1.65

• PSM1735 - v1.59

• PSM3750 - v1.27

• N4A - v1.10

• SFRA45 - v2.15

• SLM3505 - v2.91


Please Note: Upgrading your Instruments Firmware will NOT affect any Calibration Data

Latest Application Notes

Efficiency Measurement of Traction Motors


APP032 Efficiency measurements of DC-AC converters is a key part of the EV traction system development process, accurate and reliable measurement is a key priority for any test and development engineer. This article discusses important aspects of efficiency measurement that a power analyzer will need to address.

Don't forget to Calibrate!

ISO17025 UKAS Power Calibration

Unlike other Power Analyzer manufacturers, when you purchase an N4L Power Analyzer you receive an ISO17025 UKAS Calibration certificate. The standard interval period for recalibration is 1 year and N4L are able to offer direct UKAS ISO17025 Calibration for all of our power analyzers. As calibration is performed "in-house", very short turn around times (typically less than 1 week) are possible. Furthermore, N4L adopt a competitive pricing policy meaning the additional traceability does not come at a premium price.

Contact us today for a quotation to calibrate your power analyser.

In Europe we offer a fixed price loan unit for the entire duration of the calibration process including transit time to and from our laboratory in the UK.

N4L ISO17025 UKAS Power Calibration Lab - Leicester, UK