N4L Power Analyzers FRA Impedance Analyzers

We design and manufacture versatile, high-accuracy, easy to use instruments for power electronic test & measurement

Power Analyzers

A new generation in high performance power analysis: Precision Power Analysis for today’s applications
PPA500, PPA1500, PPA2500, PPA2600, PPA4500, PPA5500,PPA55x1

Frequency Response Analyzers

Comprehensive measurement capability from our class leading phase sensitive multimeters
PSM3750, PSM1700, PSM1735, PSM2200, PSM2201, SFRA45


Impedance Analyzers

Precision interfaces for PSM series impedance measurement & LCR test over a wide frequeny and impedance range
TA107 Transimpedance Amplifier, IAI Impedance Analyzer, LCR Meter



Selective Level Meters

Accurately measure signal levels: Automatic and simultaneous detection of two independent signal frequencies to simplify the test of Frequency Shift Keying (FSK) systems and bit error rate testing
SLM1700, SLM2200, SLM3505

Laboratory Power Amplifiers

LPA Series: Wide bandwidth precision voltage and current amplifiers which are unconditionally stable to any load
LPA400, LPA01, LPA05


Software & Accessories

Connectivity: Probes, connectors and adaptors. PC software for instrument configuration and data analysis (Includes: Phase Control Inrush switch and all small accessories)
All accessories & software


Innovation in Engineering

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